Mason loved camp and after one week, we can see improvements and more drive to want to learn and continue to grow as a player! Great experience for our 7 year old! 

Cardinal O'Hara 8/8-8/12 2022

My son has attended many sports camps during the summer and Junior Sixers camp is by far his favorite. The staff makes the sessions fun and engaging and create a positive and safe environment for the kids to learn skills. It is well run and organized. My son can't wait to return next summer. 

Haverford School 8/1-8/5; Elite Sports Factory 7/11-7/15 2022

My daughter came back each day excited to share experiences. Not one time did she utter the words “ it wasn’t fair or give an excuse for not “winning.” She happily told us who placed first etc. More importantly she talked about her “ friend group.” She often thinks she has no friends. She came home each day telling stories from the friend group.  She loved the true sense of teamwork. She is now in a different camp and frustrated boys won’t pass to her cause she is a girl. She said this  wasn’t an issue last week at 76ers. We were all just teammates . What a great experience it was for her. 

Charger Nation 7/18-7/22 2022

This was my 6 year old’s first big camp experience and he loved it. He got in the car everyday excited to share his experience. Thank you so much!

Cape May Tech 7/5-7/8 2022

Our daughter's self esteem grew with her firstbweekbat camp.  She was was of only a few girls and I told her to play with the boys if she wanted to get tough and get better quickly. She asked her Coach to join the boys and Coach accommodated. She played with both boys and girls and her confidence grew by leaps and bounds. We already signed her up for another week this summer and we will sign up again for next summer. Thx Sixers Camp!!!!

Chase Fieldhouse 6/27-7/1 2022

My son was so excited to attend his first 76ers Day Camp this summer at Church Farm School. He has been wanting to attend camp for a few years after seeing the commercials during the Sixers games. Every day after camp he was so excited to show us what skill they worked on that day. The staff took the time to go through the COVID checklist each day, which made us feel confident that they were following guidelines to keep the kids safe. We will definitely be back next year! 

Jennifer - Son Attended in 2020

Our daughter has been begging to go to 76ers Camps camp for several years.  We finally said 'yes' in 2020.  And I have to say that it did not disappoint. Our daughter learned so much about basketball from an enthusiastic group of instructors.  Her days at the camp were well organized and filled with developmental drills and activities.  Not only were the camp days beneficial to her basketball game but they were also safe.  Each day the directors of the camp took every precaution and safety measure to ensure a secure environment.  Thank you to the 76ers Camps organization for giving our family some fun this summer! Our daughter looks forward to making more memories at the camp next year!

Nicole - Daughter Attended in 2020

My son has been attending the Sixers Camps both Day and Overnight Camps for the past seven years. My son has truly enjoyed his experiences over the years and has learned so much. This year Carl is in the 8th grade and he is 13 years old and is looking forward to continuing his great experience at the Overnight Camp this summer. Since our first Overnight experience, Carl or myself have recommended Sixers Camps to teammates, family members and friends. I want everyone to read and hear from a VERY PLEASED AND SATISFIED PARENT.

Faith Gibson

As a Sixers fan, I was very excited when I heard about the camp. I had never been away from home, but I was excited. I got better as a basketball player, but that wasn’t the biggest impact the camp had on me. Our teams, although they only lasted a week, were our family. The camp forced us to get to know our teammates. Our team was everything, and we had to blend together, even when some personalities clashed. This helped me throughout my high school career. Sixers Camp taught me the importance of team.

Greg Comanor
Camper: 2002-2006
Co-Founding Partner Neighborhood Works

Some of my best memories from growing up are from attending Sixers Camps.  Getting to interact with campers/staff from all over the world, in a fun and competitive environment, with the quality of guest speakers that are at camp every summer, is really an unrivaled experience. From a basketball standpoint, it's great to see such an emphasis on the game being taught the right way.  Personally that gave me a great foundation to rely on throughout my college career and are now things I find myself harping on as a coach.  All of that is a testament to Coach Todd Landrey and the rest of the Sixers Camps Staff.

Tom Fabian
Camper: 2004-07
Math Teacher & Asst. Coach at West Nottingham Academy

I attended Sixers Camp for a few summers and the skills and fundamentals I learned were instrumental in my development in becoming one of the top high school players in the nation.

Richard "Rip" Hamilton
Camper: 1992-1993
3-time NBA All Star
NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player
NBA Champion with Detroit Pistons (Retired)

Friday morning: you would get up early, eat some French toast, rush to clean your cabin, and then, by 9:30, you’d be walking to your championship game. I went to camp to win, sure, but much more than that: to be part of a team, to be around basketball from dawn to well beyond dusk. Ultimately, I kept returning to Sixers Camp because I met people who I never would have otherwise, and over time built friendships with them, both fellow campers and staff, that I still have today.

Phillip Cohen
Camper: 1997-2004
Yale University Grad & Med Student at Univ. of Pennsylvania

The 76ers Camp from a young age, taught me to develop my mind and body as a professional. Both on and off the court, I was constantly learning… constantly growing… and constantly finding myself. The 76ers Camp not only helped shape my on the court decisions, but was very influential in shaping not just the ball player of today, but the overall man. Thank You, 76ers Camp!

Michael Sturns
Camper: 1999-2001
Sun Belt Conference Sixth Man of the Year
CACC Player of the Year/All American
Springfield Armour NBA D-League

The Sixers Camps taught me the basic fundamentals of basketball. From there, I took what I learned and started developing my skills as a basketball player. I spent several hours each day trying to improve my game. Every summer, I looked forward to going to camp and realized how fortunate I was that my parents could send me to camp. It was a lot of fun competing against players from different cities and states.

Matt Carroll
Camper: 1990-1992
2-time Mr. Basketball in Pennsylvania
HS/College All American-NBA-Charlotte Bobcats

Sonny and the Sixers Camps laid the foundation for me. I started as a camper, then a counselor, then a coach. I learned more than just basketball, I was taught that I could be a gentleman off the court, but still be able to snatch the bolts out of the rim on the court. The Sixers Camp is my home. Thank you for the basketball, but more importantly for me, the friends I’ve made and the life lessons.

Marty Eggleston
All American at Kutztown
Played Professional Basketball in Europe
LCCC Head Basketball Coach

The summer I spent as a Sixers camper was the turning point in my basketball career… I have to let you know that I have been to a lot of basketball camps that call themselves the ‘BEST’ but none of those camps compare to the Sixers Camps. The instruction I received from the many counselors and coaches helped me to reach for the stars and achieve my goal of playing in the NBA.

Malik Rose
Camper: 1990-1991
All-American at Drexel University
14 year NBA career with Hornets, Knicks and Spurs. Assistant GM of Detroit Pistons

Coming to Sixers Camp as a kid from Europe in 98, I was blessed with the opportunity to taste the U.S. Basketball culture. My 4 week experience at camp introduced me to the speed, athleticism, skill and mentality of U.S. Basketball. It ultimately surfaced as my foundation to my belief in hard work and excellence and propelled me into a lifelong love for the game of basketball.

Lukas Varga
Camper: 1998-99
Horsens Basketball-Denmark
Asst. Basketball Coach

My experience at Sixers Camp helped shape my work ethic and with the drills I learned there I was able to make all my dreams come true.

John Salmons
Camper: 1992-1993
1st round NBA Draft pick
13 year NBA career

From the time I was nine until I was seventeen, 76ers Basketball Camp was my summer home. Even though I was never the most gifted basketball player, the work I put in at 76ers Camp provided me with the groundwork to be a successful player. I would often improve more in the 2 weeks at 76ers Camp than I would for the entire rest of the year.

John Kilborne
Camper: 1999-2007
Development Assoc. Carr Properties

The summers I spent at Sixers Camp were the best summers of my life. It was honestly one of the greatest experiences ever. I learned so many things, and after each summer I spent there, my basketball potential reached new levels. It also meant a lot to me because I made some of the greatest friends that I still talk to all these years later.

Jocelyn Shorell
Camper: 2002-2004
Admin. Coord. Nyack Hospital